2015 Treasure Hunts

A. Chicane

B. Jeep CJ-7

C. Rocketfire

D. Fast Felion

E. VW Beetle

F. Jet Threat 4.0

G. Paradigm Shift

H. Fast Gassin

J. Enforcer

K. Mad Splash

L. Piranha Terror

M. Time Tracker

N. Team Hot Wheels Corkscrew Buggy

P. Rogue Hog

P. Fiat 500 - Known Card Error

Q. Tread Air

The Fiat 500 card has the Treasure
Hunt text and symbol printed
on the card. Mattel said it was an
error that no one caught, so it
 got all the way through to the
distribution channels and onto
 store shelves. It is not an actual treasure hunt.

A. Kool Kombi - Superized

B. RRRoadster - Superized

C. Toyota AE-86 Corolla - Superized

D. Ferrari 599XX - Superized

E. '69 Ford Mustang Boss 302 - Superized

F. Custom 77 Dodge Van - Superized

G. MXR Mastretta - Superized

H. Pass'n Gasser - Superized

J. 8 Crate - Superized

K. 2008 Lancer Evolution - Superized

L. '65 Mustang 2+2 Fastback - Superized

M. '81 DeLorean DMC - Superized

N. Toyota Supra - Superized

P. 70 Plymouth Superbird - Superized

Q. Toyota Off-Road Truck - Superized