Hot Wheels ZAMAC releases

K*B Toys Zamac Sets

Still looking for more info on these two...

1998 Convention releases
Still looking for these to fill the collection.
#145 Tractor
#214 Street Beast
#215 Auburn 852
#217 '40's Woodie
#244 Hot Wheels 500
#257 3-Window '34
#699 '59 Caddy
#716 Limozeen
#721 Jaguar XJ220
#722 Ferrari F40
#723 Audi Avus
#724 Dodge Viper
#725 '67 Camaro
#727 Shelby Cobra
         427 S/C
#731 VW Bug
#737 1970 Dodge
         Charger Daytona
#741 Mazda MX-5
#787 '57 Chevy
#792 Camaro
         Race Car
#808 Driven To
         The Max
#815 Mercedes 500SL
#829 Porsche Carrera
#867 '97 Corvette
#868 Range Rover
#899 '56 Flashsider

Convention ZAMAC set - Scorchin' Scooter, '67 GTO, '32 Ford, '67 Mustang

2004 Toys R Us Exclusive ZAMAC Series
Still looking for the last few to fill out the 2004 TRU exclusive series.

#1 Batmobile, black base

#20 "Hardnose" Twin Mill
These two have been considered part
of the 2004 ZAMAC set, but later were
discovered to have unpainted grey plastic
bodies. True ZAMAC style vehicles have
 unpainted ZAMAC (metal) bodies.

2013 Walmart Exclusive ZAMAC Series

The 2013-2019 ZAMAC Series were Walmart Exclusive sets. The ZAMAC School Busted was the
first time Walmart tried a Mail-In promo and it went well with the rest of the series.
The 2014-2017 promotional cars were also big hits. You can tell them by the special cards with no 'J' hook.

2014 Walmart Exclusive ZAMAC Series

2015 Walmart Exclusive ZAMAC Series

2016 Walmart Exclusive ZAMAC Series

2017 Walmart Exclusive ZAMAC Series

Walmart Exclusive 50th Anniversary ZAMAC Series

2018 Walmart Exclusive ZAMAC Series

The Blazer was only
available 2 ways.

The first was at the
2018 Legends Tour stops
in the vending machine.

The second was in the
master sets from HWC
and Walmart.

2019 Walmart Exclusive ZAMAC Series
So far, the only way to
get the Delivery was
 during the 2019 Legends
 Tour stops in the
vending machine.

Other ZAMAC Releases through the years

(If I don't have it, I am interested in finding it!)