Rocky Road Outfitters'
Transfer Case Sloppy Shifter Fix

Transfer Case FixHave you ever noticed how your transfer case shifter bounces around as you drive? Well that is not how it should be. Rocky Road Outfitters now has a simple fix for that annoying transfer case shifter rattle, a poly bushing for the transfer case shifter. This simple fix can even be done from inside the vehicle, that's right you do not need to remove the transfer case to do this. Just follow these simple steps and you can enjoy a slop free t-case shifter.

Click through for a closer view...1. Remove the transfer case shifter knob by turning it counterclockwise. 

2. Using a Phillips screwdriver remove the 4 screws that secure the rubber boot for the transfer case on the transmission tunnel.

NOTE: If you have carpet you will need to peel this back over the shifter shaft.

3. Slide the rubber boot off of the shifter.

Click through for a closer view...4. Reach down over the shifter and remove the retaining ring and then the rubber boot.

5. Push down evenly onto the metal cover that holds the shifter in place using two similar screwdrivers.

Click through for a closer view...NOTE: There is a spring underneath the cover creating tension.

6. Once you have it pushed down the cover gently rotate the cover counterclockwise about a 1/8th of and inch and the retainer cap/cover should then pop up.

Click through for a closer view...7. Gently remove the shifter shaft, cover and spring. The bushing that you are replacing is located about 3/4 of inch down
inside the hole that you just removed the shifter shaft from. 

Click through for a closer view...8. Remove any remains of the old bushing using the tip of a long handled flat tip screwdriver.

Click through for a closer view...NOTE: It is important to remove any small chunks of the old bushing to ensure proper fit and keep any contaminants out of the transfer case.
Wipe down the shifter shaft and the "ball" that rides in to bowl shaped portion of the new bushing and inspect the "ball" for any burrs or nicks that may have occurred. If there are any burrs use a piece of emery paper and smooth out any nicks.

Click through for a closer view...9. Install the new poly bushing into the shifter hole in the transfer case with the concave side up.

Click through for a closer view...10. Re-install all of the components in the reverse order they were removed.

11. Test the transfer case for proper shifter engagement function and relax knowing that the old sloppy shifter problem is behind you and will not be back.

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