Panhard Kit
With Bill Johnston

During the installation we used a forklift to test the flexability of the suspension. Although this gave us a good idea of the control we gained with the Panhard Kit, nothing beats a good old romp in the boulders! We took the newly outfitted Samurai up to Las Cruces to play around in Broad Canyon. 

Click for a larger view...The trip to Las Cruces involved 30 miles of highway driving to get there. The steering was tighter than I have ever felt outside of a sports car. On the rocks it was amazing. When I wanted to turn, the action (not 'reaction') was immediate. I could actually hold the tire against a boulder and climb it with the sidewall without having to give the wheel a continuous turn. Before the installation, I would watch the front axle actually move over four to six inches trying the same move. A flexy suspension helps articulation, but allows quite a bit of lateral movement of the axles. This kit cured it.

Rocks? What rocks?One word of warning! This will change your driving style completely. Remember that you are still driving a tall SUV... and not a small (ground-hugging) sports car. Although it's great for control in the rocks and on the street, don't take it out to your local SCCA rally... especially with grippy tires, unless you have a good roll cage. Just take your time and learn how well you can control your vehicle again. 

Check out the simple installation!


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