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The internet is an ever changing thing. If you find something interesting, there is no guarantee that you will be able to find it again, or that it is even still out there in one form or another. I have written many articles over the last 10 years, and many of them are still drawing interest. I receive email asking additional questions, and I happily answer as many as possible. Unfortunately, I also receive email telling me that articles that I have written may no longer be available at the original source. So here, I have republished my copy of those articles that have been lost out there...

If you can't find an old article I have written that you know you have seen, email me and I will try to track it down.

     Engine changes/upgrades/fixes

     1.6/16v Conversion
     Header Installation
     Aluminum Radiator Installation
     Clicky Starter Fix
     Replacing the Clutch Cable
     JFE Power part 1
     JFE Power part 2
     PW CV Carb Kit (Harley Carb)

This follows the power from tranny to axle hubs

          Transmission Rebuild
          High Clearance Trans Mount

          Installing the Trail Tough Rock Block

          RockMonster 6.4:1 Transfer Case Gears
          Petroworks 2WD Low Option
          T-Case Twin Sticks
Transfer Case Arm from RRO

          Heavy Duty Transfer Case Mounts
          Mighty Kong Transfer Case Mount
          T-Case Fix
          T-Bra - Brass Shifter Sheet

          Tom Woods CV Driveshaft
               -Component Review
          KAD Driveshaft

          Driveshaft Disconnect
          Rebuilding a U-Joint

          SW/ARB Series
              -SideWinder with a 'Kick'
              -ARB Track/Kick Rear Air locker
              -ARB 'Front to Rear' Conversion

          26 Spline RCV Performance Axles
          Stock Sidegear Swap
          ARB Sidegear Swap
          Redesigning the ARB Air Locker
          KAM Electric Locker part 1 (installation)
          KAM Electric Locker part 2 (testing)    

          Installing 4.57 Differential gears
          DIY Front Axle
          Suz-Ana Front Axle Installation
          Installing Calmini Birfield Cups

          Super Hub Bolt Conversion

Suspension and Steering
Most anything that connects the axles to the rest of the rig

     CJ's Up Front
     YJ Front Spring Conversion
     Suzuki/YJ Revolver Conversion
     Spidertrax Panhard Bar
          -Component Review
     Spidertrax Anti-Wrap kit
     Spidertrax Shackles
     Steering Stabilizer
     Rag Joint Eliminator

This will cover the interior and exterior of the body

     Breeze - O - Top
     Breeze - O - Top - Safari Top
     Door Handles
     Door Hinges (in Billet Aluminum)
     Door Straps
     Fender Flares
     Interior Panels
     On Board Air - AC Conversion
     RCI Seats
     Removable Doors
     Replacing the Hood
     Spare Tire Extension Mount
     Sport Top Installation
     Spray-In Bedliner
     Tailgate Sticker Replacement
     Tuffy Center Console
     Windshield Fold-down Kit

Here are a few articles about some of the bumpers I have built and/or installed

     Crawler Front Bumper
     Shrockworks Winch Bumper
     DIY Rear Bumper
     Shrockworks Rear Bumper w/ Swing-out Tire Carrier

This stuff keeps things relatively safe

     Crabs! (differential armor)
     Diamond Plate Corners
     Rockbiters (rocker armor)

     Trail Tough Family Sport Cage
     Rock 4X Fabrication Sport Cage
     Support Bra (windshield armor)
     Tuffy Bolt Cover

Wheels and Tires
Pretty much what it says

     Spidertrax Wheel Spacers
     Klune Valves    

Anything that doesn't fit in the other categories

     Flat Towing
     Winch Installation
     Winch Isolator
     More Power Puller
     Battery Tie down
     Hi-Lift Jack Mount
     LED Rock Lights
     Light Brackets