Mother's Wax Promotional Cars

The photos show what I have so far.

Mom's 454
('70 Chevelle SS)

Mom's Delivery
(Dairy Delivery)

Mom's Pro Panel
('56 Panel Truck)

Mothers Radster
('33 Ford Roadster)

2003 Mothers Wax Series #1

Mini Cooper S
(2001 Mini Cooper)

2003 Mothers Wax Special Edition


Lil' Bit Foosed
(Scorchin' Scooter)

Mom's Road Rebel
(Go Kart)

Mom's Pro '34
(3-Window '34)

Mom's School Bus
(S'Cool Bus)

2004 Mothers Wax Series #2

1970 Mustang Mach 1


2004 Mothers Wax Special Editions